E-learning translation services

Our e-learning translation services connect your online training assets with learners everywhere. Whether you’re an ambitious online course creator, an HR professional running a multinational training program or an international company with multilingual training needs, we can help you.

In a quick-growing market, we deliver linguistic expertise and online training know-how for positive learning experiences that your learners in new markets will love.

What is e-learning translation?

Online learning is booming. Streamed into homes, workplaces and onto our mobile devices – technology has revolutionised how we teach and learn.

E-learning translation opens up learning materials to a global audience. It can be anything from subtitling a social media masterclass to creating a multilingual learning platform.

Translating your e-learning materials takes your engagement to new heights. Working in more than twenty languages, we translate your content for a seamless learning experience that will transform your reach.

With you, we adapt your content to keep it clear and relevant for learners in new markets, whatever their level. We pitch your materials perfectly for your different locations enabling you to build trust and develop connections.

Translation of training courses and materials

Online courses can be effective tools for staff training and induction. If you are dealing with remote workers or several offices around the world, e-learning is perfect for bedding in new policies – like a code of conduct – and updating existing ones.

E-learning translation allows global teams to all access the same learning experience. Careful translation and adaptation ensure consistent, clear content that learners can retain and apply.

Translation of e-learning websites and platforms

If you run a successful paid-for online training program, translating your website or platform will supercharge your international reach, boost your revenue and grow your course registrations.

Your translated website will start to appear on domestic search engines, so people in your target markets can discover it organically. We will support you on your e-learning journey, including which markets and languages to consider first.

Subtitling and voiceover of training videos

Video is an increasingly popular choice for internal communications. We can subtitle your internal training and comms videos for a consistent message across all your locations. Professional subtitling significantly increases engagement by delivering a positive, authentic experience.

We can work with you on your video strategy to develop a solution that meets all your objectives.

For example, we can help you decide between

  • Subtitling
  • Voiceovers
  • and Dubbing

Video localisation

Making sure that your tutorials, vlogs or webinars are meaningful for your international audience requires more than just translation – we use localisation too. Adapting the content and references in your videos ensures they resonate with your international audiences.

A Techsmith survey found that 83% of people prefer to watch a video rather than access instructional or informational content via text or audio.

Working with the right e-learning tools

Your materials will be handled by a skilled team of interactive multimedia professionals and multilingual publishers.

We work extensively with SCORM compliant courses to develop multilingual e-learning ecosystems. This means your translated e-learning content can be easily uploaded to an LMS for a learning experience that engages your end-users.

Some of the tools we usually work with are Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Lector, Moodle and Docebo. You can also enjoy a seamless e-learning translation workflow with a bespoke solution that integrates into your systems.

We’re ready to help grow your learning community

Our services include all aspects of e-learning translation, including:

  • Training modules
  • Websites
  • Quizzes
  • Graphics captioning
  • Downloadable files
  • PowerPoint & multimedia presentations
  • Audio scripts and voiceovers
  • Worksheets
  • Orientation and induction content

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