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Technical translation services

Product specifications, patents or reports from technical sectors including engineering, IT or medical often contain specialized, technical terminology due to the complex nature of the processes and methods described.  

This is why if you want to communicate with industry professionals and final users in their own language, you need reliable technical translation services to convey the information of your documents clearly and correctly.  

Ampere Translations has proven expertise in providing first-class technical translation services that help world-leading companies communicate with their international clients accurately. Do you need help with a technical translation project? Get in touch today.

Our technical translation areas of expertise

Engineering and manufacturing 

Engineering and manufacturing products and solutions often come with accompanying detailed technical documentation, such as engineering specifications, data sheets, operating and maintenance manuals, product catalogues, training materials and bid documentation that needs to be 100% clear and accurate. 

Our team of technical translators has a perfect command of industry-specific terms in both the source language and the target language and follows the norms and regulations specific to the sector to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the translation. 


Automobile manufacturing companies around the world produce large amounts of technical documents such as user manuals, safety documentation and marketing brochures that need to be error-free and have a consistent use of technical terminology to ensure perfect communication in international markets. 

The team of automotive translators at Ampere Translations work with industry-standard automotive language and can also adapt their translations to use client-specific preferred terminology to provide an end-to-end service that caters for the wide variety of texts of this multifaceted industry. 

Information technology (IT) 

If you are a software or hardware company looking to expand into foreign markets, it is very likely that you are aware of the technical industry-specific terminology of your software or hardware content, documentation, user manuals, safety guidelines or marketing materials, and what this means when choosing a language service provider. 

Ampere Translations is an experienced and qualified IT translation service provider that has the knowledge and technical expertise to ensure professional and accurate translations in different fields including software, electronics and mobile apps and in more than 100 languages.


Medical products and devices, pharmaceutical documents (such as GMP documentation and medication instruction inserts) or clinical trials contain highly specialised terminology from different areas of medicine and follow regulations that differ from country to country.  

Our team of highly specialised medical translators understand the unique challenges involved in this highly regulated sector and make sure that your translations are compliant and accurate and communicate effectively with users, regulators, and other stakeholders in multiple languages.

In addition, our quality control process for the medical sector verifies that translations are correct and accurate across target populations and regions and have the same content validity to meet FDA and EMEA guidelines.

Our team of technical translators

  • We take several steps to guarantee the highest level of quality of our technical translation services with multiple levels of quality control in line with ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services standards. 
  • Our large team of professional translators are native speakers of the language they translate into and subject matter experts who specialize in a specific area to provide highly accurate translations in your field. 
  • We have vast experience working in a wide variety of technical fields including engineering, life sciences, automotive and IT. 
  • We develop client glossaries and term bases that can be applied easily to all your translation projects for optimum consistency.
  • Cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver translations in different file formats like Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign to streamline the translation process

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