Swedish Translation Services

Ampere Translations facilitates translation services from and into Swedish for leading companies worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing effective communication between our clients and their target markets, and we know how to make your marketing or technical materials have the right impact beyond your borders.


E-commerce is extremely popular in Sweden. During 2015, 86% of the Swedish population purchased products online, and compared with other Nordic countries, Sweden spent the largest reported amount on e-commerce in 2015.

Clothing was the most popular category for online shopping. Ampere Nordic has a passionate team of translators who specialize in the fashion industry. They are ready to answer questions about how ‘friendly’ your brand is to your target country’s culture and sensibilities, and can provide valuable insights – such as the favourite geographical location of sites when Swedes make cross-border online purchases, or their preferred payment methods.

Despite almost all Scandinavians speaking near-perfect English, speaking the same language as your clients will not only increase buyer confidence, but it will also make your site visible on local search engines such as www.google.se.

And if you would like to take your message beyond Scandinavia’s borders, our extensive network of translators who live around Europe will ensure that your content is tailored to your target audience in the UK, Germany or the Netherlands to name but a few countries.

Swedish to English translations


Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken by around nine million people. It is closely related to Danish and Norwegian; in fact, people from Sweden can understand Danish and Norwegian without major difficulties. It is an official language in Sweden and in Åland Ahvenanmaa, Finland, where it has an equal status with Finnish as an official language.

Interestingly, in Swedish, definite articles (i.e. “the”) come after the noun. Therefore, “the dog” is hunden, where hund means “dog”. It is also curious that there is no direct equivalent for “please” in this language; politeness is conveyed by saying tack (“thank you”).


Thanks to our consolidated experience providing services in the Nordic languages, we know how language reflects your message in our areas of expertise, and we will guide you through the entire translation process.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.