Ampere Translations specializes in translation from and into Swedish for leading companies worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing effective communication between you and your audience so that you can truly speak and connect with them. 

If you are ready to partner up with a translation agency that specializes in the Nordic languages, then get in touch.

Translating your content could take your business to new heights. With e-commerce being extremely popular among the more than 10 million people of the population of Sweden, speaking the language of your audience will allow you to truly resonate with them. 

Red Dala Horse from Sweden on blue background

Our team of professional Swedish translators

  • Ampere Translations has an experienced team of Swedish native translators who specialize in different sectors, including e-commerce, marketing and travel. They are in-country native speakers who understand the nuances of their language so they can convey your message effectively. 
  • Do you want to take your message beyond Scandinavia’s borders? Our extensive network of translators will ensure that your content is tailored to your target audience in the UK, Germany or the Netherlands to name but a few countries.
  • Our language experts are ready to answer questions about how ‘friendly’ your brand is to your target country’s culture and sensibilities and can provide valuable insights – such as what are their preferred payment methods. 
  • We have a well-tested vetting and quality control process to ensure we deliver high-quality work to our clients each time you need our help.

About the Swedish language 

Swedish is the most widely spoken Scandinavian language and the “Swedish brand” is well known around the world thanks to brands like IKEA and H&M. It is an official language in Sweden and in Åland Ahvenanmaa, Finland, where it has an equal status with Finnish.

Swedish is considered a North Germanic language closely related to Danish and Norwegian; in fact, people from Sweden can understand Danish and Norwegian without major difficulties, and you can hear people speaking Swedish in Finland and many bordering cities of Denmark. 

Interestingly, in Swedish, definite articles (i.e., “the”) come after the noun. Therefore, “the dog” is hunden, where hund means “dog”. It is also curious that there is no direct equivalent for “please” in this language; politeness is conveyed by saying tack (“thank you”). These and other characteristics of the language make it a must to use native speakers who are totally familiar with the Swedish language and its culture

We drive your message to the north and back

Despite almost all Scandinavians having a very good command of English, speaking the same language as your clients will not only increase buyer confidence, but it will also make your site visible on local search engines such as www.google.se.

Thanks to our experience providing translation services in the Nordic languages, we know how to effectively communicate your message in our areas of expertise, and we will guide you through the entire translation process. Get in touch to explore how we can help you.