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With over 60 million native speakers, Italian is a language of culture, commerce, and influence. This Romance language, rooted in Latin, has substantially contributed to the world in various fields, including art, music, cuisine, and design. 

Italy’s vibrant economy, characterised by diverse industries including automobiles, ships, home appliances, and designer clothing, further accentuates the language’s importance in international business. 

Companies hoping to break into the Italian market and those looking to expand into new markets abroad must understand these industries, their jargon, and their target audiences to implement efficient communication and translation strategies

Whether translating technical manuals for precision machinery, crafting marketing materials for luxury fashion brands, or localising websites for tourism businesses, our expert team at Ampere Translations is ready to help you. Reach out to us today.

Italian symbols translation services

Reach new customers in Italy, Switzerland and beyond 

Beyond Italy, the Italian language finds its voice in parts of Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City. Although there are different regional variations in Italy, you will find the most remarkable differences between Swiss Italian and the Italian spoken in Italy. 

Our translation experts are well-versed in these dialects. They can guide you in choosing the right variant for your target audience, ensuring your translation is perfectly tailored to your potential customers.

Italian translation tips from our language experts

All Italian-speaking areas share the same language, but we can find vocabulary, grammar, and other differences. Consider the variations in addressing audiences. While Italy often embraces a more informal tone, Swiss Italian might lean towards formality. And remember: It’s not just about correctness but connecting and engaging with your audience. 

Vocabulary differences are another consideration. For instance, while the English word “self-service” is commonly used in Italy, you may often hear “servisol” (which literally means to “serve oneself”) in certain Swiss regions. When speaking to your audience, these small details make all the difference.  

Hiring an Italian translator from Italy to translate your materials for your audience in Switzerland may not be the best course of action due to regional variations in Italian. Ensure your translators are native speakers immersed in the culture of the language they are translating into. 

Our team of professional Italian translators

  • All our translators are native speakers, and we always assign an Italian translator proficient in your specific dialect to your project.
  • Our wide and carefully chosen pool of translators guarantees consistent high quality for every project, big or small.
  • Our team spans a range of sectors, from automotive to e-learning. They tailor your translation to align with these industries’ specific needs and terminology and use glossaries with your preferred terminology.  
  • We support our clients with a broad range of services, including translation, machine translation, and transcreation, advising on the best solutions for their needs.

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