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Dutch is among the most widely spoken languages in the European Union, with about 24 million native speakers, placing it in eighth place. This linguistic community comprises around 17 million residents in the Netherlands and 6.5 million in Belgium.  

Our Dutch translation services are designed to navigate the dynamic, multilayered market in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether it is tapping into the innovative spirit of the Dutch business community or leveraging Belgium’s advanced logistics network, our tailored translation services ensure that your business speaks the language of success in these regions.

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About The Netherlands and Belgium

The Netherlands is an innovation hub, especially in sectors like renewable energy, high-tech systems, agriculture, and logistics. With more than 170 million customers within a 300-mile radius, it is positioned strategically as a gateway of innovation and commerce in Europe. Therefore, it is an ideal starting point for expanding companies: an affluent population, an innovative business community eager for high-quality products, and strong links to the rest of Europe. 

Belgium is a remarkably diverse nation, with a high per capita income and a well-distributed purchasing power among its residents, making it an attractive market for various businesses. Brussels, often called “the capital of Europe”, is Belgium’s capital and a major international centre. It hosts the headquarters of the European Union and NATO, along with numerous international institutions, associations, and multinational corporations. 

Dutch translation tips from our experts 

Did you know that the Dutch spoken in Belgium is actually known as Flemish? Dutch and Flemish are the same language, but we can find differences in the pronunciation, vocabulary and even syntax. Despite these differences, these two languages are mutually intelligible, so a Dutch speaker and a Flemish speaker can understand each other just fine. 

When translating your materials into Dutch, it is always good practice to communicate clearly with your translation agency about your intended audience. This will allow them to pick a translator who fully understands the target audience and culture, ensuring your content resonates appropriately.  

If you put voice to a commercial or discovery video, remember that pronunciation is the main difference between Dutch and Flemish. It is very easy for Dutch speakers to distinguish whether a person is from Flanders or the Netherlands. This difference emphasises the importance of using a voice talent artist who is a native speaker of the specific region you are targeting to ensure your content resonates more effectively with your intended audience.

Our team of professional Dutch translators

  • All our translators are native speakers, and we always assign a Dutch translator of your specific Dutch variant to your project. 
  • Our language experts specialise in different sectors, including e-commerce, e-learning and travel. We always find the best match for your topic and type of text. 
  • We support our clients with a wide range of services, including translation, machine translation, voice-over and dubbing, advising on the best solution according to their needs. 
  • We use the latest translation technology to enhance consistency, leverage previously translated content and manage the entire translation process. 

Contact us today to explore how our Dutch translation services can open doors to the vibrant Dutch-speaking market.