Renewable Energy Translation Services

Renewable Energy Translation Services

Governments, businesses and investors have the biggest responsibility in the transition to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The only way to reduce carbon emissions is to cut the consumption of fossil fuels like coal and gas by using electricity that comes from renewable sources.

Are you a major supplier or manufacturer of renewable energy with a presence across the globe? Then you understand the importance of translation and localisation for your technical manuals, technology patents or compliance documents when exporting your products to different countries. 

Ampere Translations have the know-how to overcome the most common translation challenges of the renewable energy industry such as making sure that the terminology is consistent, handling multiple formats and working with strict deadlines.

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Our areas of expertise

Solar Energy

Sunlight is one of the planet’s most freely available energy resources and solar panels are one of the most popular renewable energy sources in countries around the world, with China, the United States and Japan as the countries with the largest installed solar power capacity. 

We provide technical translation services for all your needs whether it is the specifications of solar panels for photovoltaic self-consumption or the documentation for the installation of high-voltage electrical infrastructure in solar farms. 

Wind Power

In 2021 wind electricity remained the leading non-hydro renewable technology, with a total amount of electricity generated of 1 870 TWh worldwide. And with numerous initiatives aimed at accelerating wind power growth around the world, the trend is expected to increase. 

Are you a manufacturer of wind turbines or wind power generators? We can help you translate your user manuals, safety instructions or maintenance guides to meet international and local regulations in onshore and offshore wind farms. 


Hydropower is one of the largest sources of renewable energy, with China leading hydropower generation followed by Canada and Brazil in 2021. Despite most people associating hydropower with a large dam, hydropower facilities come in all sizes, and large and small hydropower plants are expected to soar to meet rising global energy demand. 

Ampere Translations has the technical knowledge to translate all the components for power plants – from generators, turbines and pumps to maintenance and training materials or digital solutions for the entire life cycle of the site. 


Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy that is generated from organic matter such as plants, timber or agricultural and food waste. It is forecasted that the total global biofuel demand will increase by 20% during 2022-2027. 

Our specialised translators have expertise in many of the specific topics of the bioenergy sector including modern bioenergy, bio-fuel management and biogases so you can rely on a single language service provider to meet all your translation needs. 

Tidal Power

Tidal energy is a global and abundant source of renewable energy. Populations around the world are now using this renewable energy generated by tidal turbines in seas, estuaries and large rivers. 

We are ready to help global tidal energy companies with the translation of all the multilingual documents and materials required to assess, design, deliver, operate and maintain marine energy systems – from tidal energy turbines to smart energy microgrids and energy storage solutions. 

Our team of translators for the renewable energy sector

  • Our technical translation experts specialize in different types of renewable energies and have an in-depth knowledge of your industry
  • Contractual documentation. Project bids and tenders. Training handbooks. We also understand that each type of content requires the use of a different registry to convey your message accurately. 
  • We use cutting-edge technology to translate your content. This means more consistency across files and quicker turnaround times for you. 
  • Do you need to translate your user manuals or safety instructions into multiple languages? We’ve got you covered. We provide translation services in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Swedish, among other languages. 

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