Voice Talent Services

A voice true to your brand is key for connecting with your audience whether it is in a commercial, a presentation or a discovery video. The same applies when you are trying to reach an international audience: your voice must be consistent with your brand to resonate with customers beyond your borders. 

Ampere Translations closes the language gap between your product or service and your customers by providing an end-to-end solution that includes transcription, translation and voice recording to ensure your brand is in tune with your audience, no matter where they are. 

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The right voice talent artist for your video

We have teamed up with more than 1,000 voice artists speaking more than 100 languages worldwide. This means that whether you are looking for that young, colloquial voice to match the character in your videogame or the deep, authoritative voice explaining the importance of life insurance, you can be picky and demand perfection when finding the voice to fit your brand.

Our voice talent services


We work with a large team of talented dubbing actors and make sure you always get the right voice for your character. In addition, when providing multilingual dubbing services, we work with experienced translators and directors to recreate scripts that capture and reflect the emotion and intent of the original. We can help you with: 

  • e-learning and training courses, 
  • advertising and marketing campaigns, 
  • video games, 
  • television shows.  


Voice-overs convey emotions in a better way than using only subtitles and can help you quickly build rapport and trust with your audience. We have a track record of providing voice-over services for:

  • tutorials and video training, 
  • product discovery videos,
  • e-learning content,
  • automated messaging for telephony and IVR. 

Voices for your mobile app

With the right voice to go with design, interface and functionality, your app will reach farther and wider. Let your app give instructions and directions, explanations and narrations in the language of your users worldwide. 

On-hold messaging

Would you like to keep your callers happy while waiting? With the correct audio, you have the opportunity to engage with the person on the other end of the line. Inform, educate and persuade your customers to take action while on hold. 

Auto attendant voices 

Make sure the electronic entrance to your business greets your caller in a brand-consistent voice. Insist on that great first impression by providing a clear and understandable automated attendance that makes the caller feel welcome.

Voicemail messaging

A clear voicemail greeting gives the customer the impression that future communication and transaction will be as smooth as this. Don’t let your electronic receptionist frustrate your caller. What they hear during that first contact with your business will be their first impression.  

Voice talent demos

We can record a gender-neutral, male or female voice in any language.

Listen to the following voice talent samples of our work.

      Licia - Italian
      Lacy - UK English
      Benn - Danish
      Matt - Finnish
      Faye - French
      Reymond - German
      Rocio - Spanish
      Anders - Swedish

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