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Our high-quality language services are helping companies grow their business in a wide range of industries including marketing & advertising, e-commerce & retail, travel & leisure, social media & web content, IT & software, automotive, legal, technical, biomedical and more.


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Ampere Translation is trusted by companies in a wide range of industries. Thanks to our expertise and deep knowledge of translation and localization, we assess your specific needs and manage your projects with effective processes, based on key aspects of your industry.


learing language

Why is it Exciting to Learn a Second Language?

Recent research proves that despite the technological advances making it less than necessary to learn different languages, doing so anyway can be beneficial to your…
How Artificial intelligence will facilitate Olympics Tokyo 2020

How artificial intelligence will facilitate at the Olympic games

Artificial Intelligence at the Olympics: Japan 2020 The next edition of the Olympic games will be held in Tokyo, Japan, and the organizers have truly…
building e-commerce business

Building Your E-Commerce Business

5 Things to Keep in Mind So, you’ve had your big idea and decided to take the leap: you’re going to build your own e-commerce…
Which European country speaks the most foreign languages

Language proficiency in the European Union

We write frequently about the importance of maintaining indigenous or ancient languages, as well as maintaining language diversity, but today we want to tackle a…

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