Experts in automotive translations

We provide international automotive companies with high-quality translation services spanning:

  • Marketing and communications
  • End use and aftercare
  • Design
  • Production
  • Supply chain

Our end-to-end automotive translations keep technical terminology consistent and correct – with a natural style that feels native to the end reader – for error-free communication and compelling marketing content.

We have an agile, digital-forward approach that allows us to deliver translations in different file formats for a frictionless customer experience and a simple workflow. If you’re looking for a translation agency that shares your industry knowledge, look no further.

Five common areas of automotive translation

Technical translation remains the mainstay of automotive translation, but this multifaceted industry demands a variety of specialist translation skills.

Whether you need marketing, technical or health & safety translations, Ampere has the automotive language skills underpinned by industry know-how to communicate your message effectively. Some of the types of automotive translations we handle are:

  1. User manuals

    Our language specialists have the technical knowledge to translate documentation accurately using the correct terminology for error-free, compliant documentation. This is paramount to the automotive industry because health & safety and regulatory compliance depend on the precise translation of user manuals.

    The team at Ampere use cutting-edge translation software that makes updating and amending multilingual user manuals a cost-efficient process and avoids the onerous task of retranslation.

  2. Marketing brochures

    Ampere Translations creative translators can go beyond word-for-word translations to create tag lines, slogans and catchy phrases to spark connections with your international audiences. We create and quality check content that complies with your style guides and brand manuals.

    You will work with translators with B2B and B2C knowledge, enhanced by industry expertise, for well-written digital and print marketing brochures that have maximum appeal.

  3. Design resources

    As a global industry, automotive design teams are often multilingual, with key members drawn from around the world. Add to this the post-pandemic trend for remote working and the importance of keeping communication lines open and clear during the rigorous design process is obvious.

    Our translators can help you with your communications at any stage of the design process to maintain clarity and keep projects moving in the right direction.

  4. Manufacturing processes

    Ampere translations provides translation services that offer safe, transparent manufacturing processes to meet regulatory requirements and uphold safety standards.

    We offer extensive knowledge of the global supply chain in car and car part manufacture to avoid expensive or dangerous mistakes between the production of components in one country and the assembly of the vehicle in another.

  5. Safety documentation

    Component specifications and their fitting instructions are just two types of safety documentation that sit within the design and manufacture process.

    In an industry dominated by the importance of health & safety, emerging energy-efficiency innovation and demanding regulatory requirements, accurate translation of safety documentation is crucial.

We know the automotive industry from the inside out

  • Expert translators
    Our translators work with industry-standard automotive language and can also adapt their translations to use client-specific preferred terminology.
  • Proven track record
    We provide translation services to and from Swedish, Danish and Norwegian (and a host of other languages) across the car industry.
  • Terminology management
    The latest technology helps us develop client glossaries and termbases that can be applied easily to all your translation projects for optimum consistency.
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
    Our team of DTP specialists work with multiple translation file formats like Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign to streamline the translation process and easily create multilingual versions of your materials.

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