Conferences, meetings, workshops, factory visits are excellent business opportunities, but what if you don’t speak the local language? A professional interpreter will help you understand your partners in different settings, with interpreting services and modes tailored to the industry and the event.

Interpreting modes

Ampere Translations can provide simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreters for your events.

If you don’t know which interpreting mode you should choose, get in touch to receive a proposal tailored on your needs.

Simultaneous interpreting:the interpreter delivers the target message a few seconds after the speaker. Technical equipment is required (a booth, headphones and microphones). Often used in conferences, on TV and for large audiences.

Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter takes notes while the speaker delivers his address and translates it afterwards, in chunks of 5-15 minutes each. Often used in press conferences.

Liaison interpreting:the interpreter enables direct communication between two people or small groups, translating for each party every few sentences. Often used for business meetings, negotiations and company visits.

Remote interpreting: the main difference with regard to simultaneous and consecutive interpretation is that the interpreter is not present at the event but provides interpretation via remote/online platforms, with remarkable advantages in terms of time and money.

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