Software translation services

In a rapidly expanding digital world of endless possibilities – the success of a business rests on how well it can translate and localize its offering.

Whether it’s buying online or checking a daily step count – people’s lives increasingly revolve around their digital needs. And if you want to succeed when serving your international customers, making your software available in multiple languages is not a luxury. It is a must.

Ampere Translations is a trusted provider of software translation and localization services to established and new digital players. We offer end-to-end software localization and translation services to take your digital solution global – from translating the content sitting behind an app to tweaking the colours and layout of a user interface – to offer your end users a seamless experience.

Customer-centric software localization for all industries

Our experienced team of software translators, UX experts and SaaS localization specialists work across all industries and offer a multifaceted skill set, including:

  • Industry-specific knowledge that underpins and enhances your translations.
  • Dynamic microtext translation skills (i.e. website buttons and short commands).
  • Resourceful solutions to overcome common character and space constraints of different languages.
  • Creating a compelling tone of voice in the target language that fits perfectly with the brand identity.

Cutting-edge technology to enhance your translations

A tech-savvy approach

Our translation services embrace the use of the latest Computer Assisted Translation tools (known as CAT tools) to improve the rate of translation and deliver quality at scale.

This specialised translation software can develop glossaries, embed preferred terminology and generate translation memories for different language pairs – elements that all lock in consistency and quality.

Glossary creation

Creating glossaries for clients that contain their own preferred terms, along with industry-standard terminology, enhance the quality of texts.

Glossaries are a key to successful software translation because common and repeated terms – for example, “Settings” – will translate differently within the same language. They help retain consistency even when several translators are working across different files, or if a new linguist starts working on a project.

Effective UI adaptation

Have you noticed that sometimes you can tell when a website or app isn’t from your own country? Notifiers like the layout or number formatting make it feel unfamiliar – and worse, erodes trust.

We can adapt your website, app or database UI to give international users a local experience. With overwhelming evidence that consumers prefer and expect a transparent native experience, UI adaption is a key part of any international expansion strategy.

QA Testing

We take care of QA testing of localized software for bugs, flaws and any other UX hitches. Apps, websites, databases and programming files are thoroughly checked by software engineers prior to launch to ensure that they function smoothly.

Scalable multilingual solutions

Large projects that require a team of software translators working simultaneously will retain accuracy and consistency through the use of cloud-based CAT tools.

The combination of translation software and technical expertise allows multilingual projects to be easily scaled thanks to the use of embedded glossaries, termbases and a clean translation memory.

Quality software translation to help you grow

Take the next step and consider software translation as part of your international strategy. We can help you translate:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Computer Applications
  • Software Specifications
  • Programming Files
  • XML, HTML database files
  • Software User Interface (UI)
  • Software User Manuals
  • Resource Files
  • Procedure Manuals

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