EdTech Translation Services

EdTech Translation Services

Technology is reshaping the approach of businesses and institutions to training, bringing amazing opportunities to the world of education. Dynamic courseware, gamification, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, or personalized learning all enrich people’s minds and equip teachers with new tools.  

If you work with international teams across different regions, you may already know the need for multilingual training to support your employees and students no matter the language they speak. Better engagement, acquisition and retention are just some of the advantages of providing learning materials in the language of your audience. 

Ampere Translations excels at understanding your needs and creating tailor-made EdTech translation solutions for your learning platforms and content. We are equipped to help you overcome language barriers and maximize the impact of your training. So why wait? Get in touch today.

What is EdTech (Educational Technology) translation?

EdTech (Educational Technology) translation refers to the translation of technological tools and media that facilitate training and learning in a teaching environment. Translating your EdTech resources will enable an improved learning environment for people who speak a different language, boosting student participation and outcomes. 

Dynamic courseware and textbooks 

Dynamic courseware and textbooks allow you to create learning experiences that are personalized and inclusive. Not only can you choose the wording, media and assessment methods of your textbook but you can also keep it current with constant updates and revisions in response to your students.  

We work closely with our clients’ developer teams to simplify the translation process and integrate with bespoke software to help you connect with your students. 

Gamification and interactive learning 

Quizzes, games and interactive activities are great to engage students and provide them with immediate feedback. They also help educators get a quick snapshot of the understanding of the new topics covered in class and assess the needs of each individual student.

Whether your interactive polls or quizzes are multiple-choice, click-on-target or word answer, our translators specialised in e-learning can adapt your materials to make them meaningful to your students’ culture. 

Augmented reality (AR) learning 

Augmented reality (AR) enriches and enhances the learning environment with text, sound effects, graphics and multimedia. Despite a common misbelief, AR technologies do not require highly specialized hardware and there are outstanding examples of learning apps and systems in training and education such as Merge Cube and HoloAnatomy

We can provide continuous localisation via software that connects to your AR app or system to avoid retranslating content while ensuring consistency. 

Our team of EdTech experts 

  • Translating EdTech content is only half of the job. Our team of software engineers, project managers and language experts work closely with our clients to deliver the solution that each project requires. 
  • Language length, variables and placeholders are common challenges for UX when translating EdTech materials into a new language. Our translators specialised in e-learning are familiar with these elements and ensure your app or dynamic textbook is  user-friendly.   
  • Our team works with a wide range of tools including Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Publisher and iSpring. They are also flexible to cater for all our client needs and work with bespoke software. 
  • Are you looking to translate a Forex training course or an AR app for a museum? Our translators have the specialist knowledge your content requires and always match the best linguist according to your project.
  • We can help you with all your multilingual needs in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Arabic, and more languages.

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