Proofreading and editing

Revision by a native linguist ensures that the text is correct and complete: all the source text has been translated with accuracy; style, register and tone requirements are met; terminology is consistent and compliant with provided glossaries and reference materials and the final text flows naturally.

Let us review it!

You might have in-house staff with a good knowledge of the languages spoken in your target markets: if they write texts for your website, campaigns or catalogues, it is highly recommended that a native speaker reviews the copy to guarantee that your documents are free from grammar mistakes, typos and other issues that could have a negative impact on your brand image. A mother-tongue reviser also ensures that the translated text or foreign language copy is appropriate to the culture of the target market.

A tailored approach

Your in-house writers create and master the technical terminology used in your manuals, catalogues and other materials. They are the experts. But if they are not native speakers of the language they write in, their efforts can shine brighter after a linguistic revision of the texts. We will perform a comprehensive check that will make sure your materials are free from grammar mistakes, typos, punctuation or capitalization errors. Protect your brand image, save money and avoid costly reprints due to spelling mistakes.

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