Subtitle Translation Services

Our dedicated team has extensive experience providing all types of subtitling services, including same-language closed captions and subtitles, as well as multilingual subtitles and captions

Ampere Translations can help you reach and meet the needs of your audience. Whether it is because they prefer to watch a video with the sound off or simply enjoy watching videos in the native language with the help of translated subtitles, you can offer a convenient and enjoyable viewing experience.

Multilingual subtitling

E-learning, YouTube videos, documentaries, commercials or online training: translating your subtitles is an effective and cost-effective way of making your video content accessible to those who can not speak the language of your video. 

But subtitles will not only help you connect with more international customers. Think of those who prefer to watch a video in the original language and use subtitles to understand it. Or the increasing number of people who watch videos “on the go” with the sound off. Our multilingual subtitling service offers:

  • Subtitling in the same and 150+ languages 
  • A dedicated team with extensive experience to take care of every detail including dialogue speed, text expansion or subtitles running off-screen
  • A specialized network of audiovisual translators
  • Time-coded script creation

Multilingual captions

Captions provide a text version of the dialogue and include other parts of the soundtrack such as background noises, music and audio cues. Captions are typically in the same language as the audio and it is usually used for deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences since viewers need audio cues to understand the story. 

But as it happens with subtitles, monolingual captions do not meet the needs of your international audience. Translating your captions will allow more people to enjoy your video content in multiple languages. Our multilingual captioning service offers:

  • Open/closed captions in 150+ languages 
  • Video experts to look at all the technical aspects such as characters per second, caption speed or text expansion to ensure your viewers can enjoy the video 
  • A specialized network of audiovisual translators
  • Time-coded script creation

Our team of subtitles experts 

Specialized audiovisual translators

Have you ever come across subtitles that didn’t make sense while watching a TV series? Translating subtitles often requires more than just translating words since videos are rooted in the culture or contain humour. On top of that, there are common challenges such as time constraints and text expansion.

Our translators are not only qualified native speakers but have experience providing audiovisual translation services to make sure your viewers can follow and enjoy your video

The right match for your project 

Translating an e-learning video course about finance is very different from translating a commercial for your latest product release. While word-by-word translation can work in the first case, commercials often contain well-thought messages to get the attention of your audience that need to be adapted to get the desired response. 

Our audiovisual translators specialize in different sectors including e-learning, marketing and travel. We always find the best match for your topic and type of video, so that you can rest assured your video resonates with the audience in any language. 


We use the latest technology, QC tools, glossaries and assistive technologies to make sure your subtitles and captions are right. In addition, we have a tested and streamlined process to ensure the best results every time: 

  • We receive, quote, and check your video content
  • We transcribe the video content
  • We translate and proofread the script 
  • We insert the translated captions/subtitles into the original file
  • We synchronize your subtitles with the video and audio
  • We format and style the captions/subtitles including checking the text position, colours and font size
  • We perform quality control procedures for the produced content
  • We deliver it to you 

Subtitle and video file formats we support

Our audiovisual translation specialists are flexible and use a range of software to cater for all our client needs. 

Subtitle Translation File Formats

We can deliver your translated subtitles in a variety of formats. .SRT format is the most common one, but we can also handle the following formats: SSA, SBV, STL, WebVTT, XML, DFXP, CIN, AYA, ESY,  DTS and more. 

Video formats 

We can work with almost any video format. These are the most common formats we use: .MP4, .AVI, .MPEG-1, .DV, .MOV, .MKV,  .WMV,  .MPEG-2, .DIVX, .P4V, .VOB, .XVID, .AXF, .WEBM, .OGV, and more.  

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