Ecommerce translations

Whether you’re an established ecommerce site owner or new to the game – now is the moment to translate your marketplace and seize the global opportunities on offer.

6 key benefits of ecommerce translation:

  1. Tap into the worldwide shift to online shopping
  2. Increase revenue
  3. Grow international reach
  4. Build trust and loyalty in new markets
  5. Gain competitive advantage
  6. Reduce abandoned transactions

Why do you need to translate your ecommerce store or marketplace?

More than ever, international customers expect product and service offerings to be translated and localised into their respective languages. There is an appetite for a native shopping experience with a personalized, customer-centric feel – ecommerce translation services are vital to developing a business overseas.

Did you know? Leaving your marketplace in just English severely limits your capacity to grow – 83% of the world’s population doesn’t speak English. Don’t cut yourself off.

Solutions for your ecommerce translations

Effective ecommerce translation allows you to connect authentically with customers in your target markets:

Product description translations

Websites with accurately translated and adapted product descriptions will transform your international sales.

Think about:

  • Headlines – these can be adapted using transcreation (a creative language service that is a mixture of translation and copywriting).
  • Images – like your translated text these should reflect cultural touchpoints and motivations in each market.
  • The balance between images and words – depending on a country’s familiarity with the product concept, consumers may require more explanatory text and fewer images, or vice versa.
  • Units of measurement – price in local currency and also adapt to how your customers measure dimensions and size.

Check out our Ecommerce Localisation Guide to create an awesome e-commerce localisation strategy for growth.

Human Translation versus MTPE

Your multilingual content must be high-quality, or you risk damage to your international reputation and customers abandoning their purchases.

Machine Translation Post Editing is an option if you have hundreds, or even thousands, of SKUs to translate. Machine-generated translated content is reviewed by a human translator for errors. MTPE is cost-effective and allows you to scale quickly and continuously.

Human translation takes time but produces superior listings tailored to your markets. Product descriptions are customised and formatted by a native translator to reflect the lived experience of your consumers in a way that is relevant and relatable.

Get in touch to discuss which would work best for you.

Amazon listing translations

A huge number of product searches start on Amazon, so translating your product listing on the mega-site is vital.

Amazon allows ecommerce businesses to access vast numbers of customers on a global scale. And the quality of your foreign language listings will allow you to develop a relationship with your customers as a brand that is beyond transactional.

User review translations

Known as social proof, reviews and testimonials are often the final push customers need to take the plunge and commit to a purchase. Nowadays it is second nature to check what other people think about a product before completing a transaction.

Source: https://www.booking.com/

When deciding which reviews to translate it is important to consider whether the review serves the motivations and values of the target country.

Optimized mobile translations

The habit of shopping via apps on mobile phones and tablets is growing steadily. More than 50% of consumers claim to shop online every day using their smartphones.

Optimize your product listings for an intuitive mobile shopping experience your customers can enjoy from the comfort of their sofa. Select and format your text and images specifically for smartphone rather than laptop displays.

Our ecommerce translation services

Our translation services are tailored to your needs, whether it is translating your website or your Amazon store listings.
We offer a full translation service, including:

  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Amazon listings
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochures

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