In the fast-paced world of global business, accurate and effective communication across languages is crucial. Machine translation (MT) offers impressive speed and cost-efficiency, translating thousands of words in seconds. However, without the discerning eye of a human, critical insights and subtle nuances can easily get lost in translation. This is where our post-editing services come in.

What is Post-Editing?

Post-editing is the process by which human translators refine and enhance machine-generated translations. By combining the speed of machine translation with the expertise of professional linguists, post-editing ensures that your content is both accurate and culturally appropriate. This process bridges the gap between machine efficiency and human nuance, delivering high-quality translations tailored to your business needs.

Our Post-Editing Services

We offer two levels of post-editing to suit different project requirements and budgets:

Light Post-Editing

Ideal for general content where precision is not the top priority, light post-editing focuses on making the text understandable and coherent without extensive fine-tuning. Key tasks include:

  • Ensuring no information is added or omitted
  • Editing inappropriate content
  • Restructuring sentences for clarity

Full Post-Editing

For specialized content that requires high accuracy and preservation of original nuances, full post-editing offers a thorough review and revision of the machine-translated text. This service includes:

  • Correcting terminology and jargon mistakes
  • Grammar and spelling corrections
  • Punctuation and syntax adjustments for natural flow
  • Rewording sentences for fluency and style
  • Ensuring text appropriateness for the target audience
  • Using preferred terminology from termbases and other resources

Benefits of Post-Editing

  • Quality Assurance: Combining machine translation with human expertise ensures reliable and accurate translations.
  • Consistency: Maintain uniformity in terminology and style across all translated materials.
  • Cost Reduction: Post-editing is more cost-effective than traditional human translation, reducing overall translation costs.
  • Faster Turnaround: Enjoy the speed of machine translation with the precision of professional translators, perfect for tight deadlines.

Our Commitment to Quality: ISO 18587 Certification

We are proud to be ISO 18587 certified, a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality post-editing services. This certification focuses on the competence of post-editors and the quality of post-edited machine translations, ensuring that our services meet the highest industry standards.

Choosing the Right Post-Editing Service

Selecting the appropriate post-editing service depends on the nature of your content, budget, and quality expectations:

  • Light Post-Editing: Suitable for general content with budget constraints where absolute precision is not critical.
  • Full Post-Editing: Recommended for specialized content, such as medical or technical documents, where accuracy and detail are paramount.

By understanding the requirements of each approach and how they align with your project needs, you can achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and excellence in your translations.

Our team of post-editors is ready for your text

  • We always match our clients with the post-editors that best suit their needs, based on the industry and other requirements such as the type of text.
  • If you are looking for post-editing service in a language other than English, our pool of linguists cover the main European languages, as well as the Scandinavian languages.
  • We work with all the major formats including, but not limited to: MS Word, PDF, MS PowerPoint, Google Docs, Plain Text, MS Excel, Rich Text, Keynote, Google Slides, Google Sheets, ODT, Illustrator and InDesign.

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