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The automotive manufacturing sector is one of the biggest industries worldwide, and its global reach is undeniable. Exports are one of the pillars of every car manufacturer’s strategy, not only to increase revenue but also to increase production capacity. Since cars are sold worldwide, from Europe to Asia, it is vital to tailor marketing materials to appeal to local consumers. 

Have you ever looked through a glossy brochure featuring the latest car model or been captivated by a sleek car advertisement? The marketing materials were likely written in your native language. 

In this blog post, we will look at the types of marketing materials in the automotive industry, and the role translation plays in making them available to customers worldwide. 

Types of marketing materials in the automotive industry


In today’s digital era, a car manufacturer’s website is its virtual showroom, and it is often the first point of contact between the brand and potential customers. Websites offer a complete experience, ranging from interactive features that allow users to customise their ideal car to 360-degree views of vehicles.

How should car manufacturers approach website translation? Translating your online assets usually goes beyond translation and requires localisation to adapt key information to fit local norms

For instance, using MPG (miles per gallon) to describe a car’s fuel efficiency wouldn’t be suitable in regions that use kilometres and litres as standard measurements; therefore, units of measurement must be adapted. 

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While a website frequently serves as the initial point of contact between a brand and prospective clients, printed and digital brochures are the go-to marketing materials for any consumer shopping for a new car. 

Brochures are packed with catchy taglines, images and detailed specifications, requiring language experts familiar with marketing and automotive translation. A specialised language service provider can ensure your brochure conveys the right marketing message and technical information about the car’s features. 

Print Ads

Remember flipping through a magazine and pausing at that glossy full-page ad of a car speeding through an open highway? Print ads have a way of making an impression with their captivating visuals and catchy taglines.

Automotive advertisements aim to highlight the uniqueness of a vehicle. For instance, an advert in a magazine may show a car’s power, and it will use colours and visuals that resonate with the target audience. Taglines in printed ads are equally important to grab people’s attention and often require transcreation to ensure the message hits home. 

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Promotional videos

Given how popular new car models are, it is likely that you have seen a TV ad for one this past week. Promotional videos highlighting the car’s features, safety measures, and performance are essential in engaging potential buyers.

As with website translation, promotional videos also require consideration of some aspects beyond translation, such as adapting the script to eliminate information that does not fit time and space or choosing the right voice talent to capture the emotion of the original and connect with your public

Marketing translation services for the automotive sector you can trust 

The secret to your marketing materials’ success in your target markets is choosing a reputable and trusted translation company with expertise in the automotive industry and the capacity to handle various translation projects, such as website translation, transcreation or dubbing.  

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