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If you want your products to reach a global audience, English is simply not enough. Companies with localized e-commerce websites have a clear advantage on competitors and benefit from increased revenue and reduced return rates. A proper localization process will also adapt measurements, currencies, formats and values to the target markets.

Don’t let your USP be lost in translation. Your product is unique.

You put a lot of effort in design, manufacturing and marketing. You are proud of your methods, of how you source materials and how you care about people and the environment. And you probably want to tell this story to the world. But if you only tell it in English, your value proposition will not reach your non-English speaking customers. They will not be able to see why your product is so unique and understand what differentiates you from your competitors. Translation will help you make your values understood in your target markets.

Researchs shows that localized content is preferred by online buyers of all ages.

Even though consumers in the age group 18-35 are more tolerant of English, research shows that localized content is still preferred by the majority of online buyers of all ages. Translated product descriptions remarkably reduce return rates and complaints, while customer service in local languages can make a huge difference after the sale. Localized content improves the customer experience, increases brand recognition across the globe and engages target audiences much more powerfully than English-only content. Language matters to different generations and translating online content is an effective strategy to position your brand ahead of competitors on the global market.

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